About TheTradingPortal.com™

An Overview

TheTradingPortal.com™ is completely scalable because it uses a single map per document type regardless of the size of your supplier network. This means that we can dramatically reduce the time required to deliver a custom solution that fits the entirety of your organization and all of its vendors. Additionally, the Enterprise Collaboration capabilities of TheTradingPortal.com™ allow you to maintain a single access point in your firewall and still keep 3rd party users tightly integrated with mission critical business processes while remaining securely outside your network. Other features include:

  • Send and receive business information in real time
  • Use automation to reduce or eliminate costs
  • Custom forms provide a friendly and intuitive interface
  • Support your data transfer needs
  • Embed our functionality within your existing corporate portal with the TTPServices SOAP API
  • Fully engage multi-tiered trading partner relationships
  • Have multiple user logins within a company account
  • Support the core of your business process with document forwarding and actions

Your community on TheTradingPortal.com™ can be customized to meet your specific needs. The possibilities are endless. The rewards are amazing.

In Greater Detail

TheTradingPortal.com™ was engineered to facilitate your business process. Our goal is to ensure that your supplier/trading partner network is running at peak performance capabilities regardless of your business context.

In most traditional EDI systems, having the top third of your supply chain as fully compliant electronic trading partners is a best case scenario. Size doesn’t matter with TheTradingPortal.com™. We can reach 100% of your supply chain—extending the benefits of being a fully compliant electronic trading partner to your smallest supplier, your largest supplier, and everyone in between.

The benefits of electronic integration are huge. Through TheTradingPortal.com™ you can reduce staff time and overhead activities, free up resources for other tasks, eliminate processing backlogs, improve collaboration, and dramatically improve your network security. Fact: business documents from electronic trading partners go through back office systems faster and with less intervention.

Consider the time and resources involved in the manual processing of paper transactions. What is the cost difference? Think about the process variation that is introduced without defined process and automation. This is costing your business time and money and has been considered just a cost of doing business. Until now that is.

TheTradingPortal.com™ is not intended to replace your existing ERP, back office, or EDI systems. We simply augment and enhance existing systems with a customizably-scoped solution to convert even your smallest trading partners from paper-based supply chain members to efficient electronic trading partners. You can leave your current EDI relationships alone or consolidate your entire supply chain through TheTradingPortal.com™.

3 Dimensional Trading

Business contexts, supply chains, and trading partner networks are often not flat. They require multiple levels of trading capabilities—two, three, or even more tiers deep. With TheTradingPortal.com™ you can maintain direct and indirect electronic trading relationships and extend electronic trading to the suppliers of your suppliers.

Sub Accounts and Document Forwarding

Part of the frustration of messaging and delivery is making sure that all the information goes where it is supposed to. With Sub-Accounts and Document Forwarding enabled, multiple users can set up unique login IDs within a company to take advantage of automated message routing and document forwarding.

Perhaps your process involves multiple steps of verification. Whether you need to verify work completed, collect signatures for sensitive materials, or grant approval for a request, document forwarding and actions can accomplish it all and simultaneously remove variation from your process.

TTPServices API

Already have a corporate portal? No problem. Using the TTPServices API (powered by SOAP Web Services technology) we can seamlessly embed our functionality within your existing corporate portal to make tremendous gains in automation and supplier compliance. And your suppliers never have to leave your portal.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Support for flat and multi-tiered trading partner communities
  • Enterprise Collaboration: Business Process combined with Business Data across Trading Partners
  • Audit Trails for document actions
  • Verified delivery with send and receive timestamps
  • File attachments for any business document message
  • Transfer, Track, and Deliver EDI, XML and other documents, messages, and files