Business Applications

Below are common business applications for™. Though these are the most common instances, this is by no means an exhaustive list. At its core™ is designed to facilitate the transfer of mission critical information within your business process, regardless of what that process is.

We support trading partners of all sizes and at all levels of your supply chain. Whether you're a larger company mandating EDI to suppliers and providers; a producer selling to a customer; a manufacturer moving goods and raw materials through a supply chain; or a first, second, third, or even fourth tier supplier in a multi-tiered supply chain; our community-based trading solutions facilitate electronic trading between trading partners at all levels.


Manufacturing businesses are faced with tremendous challenges each day. Matching production goals with distributor and consumer orders and balancing inventory and orders for raw materials, goods, and services from suppliers are demanding tasks. Why risk critical business communications over fax machines, email, and physical delivery—never knowing if critical orders got to their destination and were received on time? Integrating your suppliers and distributors with your business systems is key to maintaining a competitive advantage through streamlined operations.

Connecting large suppliers and distributors has become a mainstay of business operations over the past decade, but small to medium business partners have been (and often still are) left out. Small and medium businesses usually struggle to afford those big business systems that enable the efficiencies described here, or they simply cannot afford them at all and are stuck using less efficient process and technology while still having to be competitive in both cost and performance.™ now makes it possible to have all your business partners trade electronically—extending the benefits and cost savings throughout each link of your entire supply chain.

Distribution & Supply Chain Management

A supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Even the most efficient distribution operations and supply chain processes have weak links. These are most often the interfaces with smaller organizations that are left to rely on manual, paper-based business processes and systems such as mail, fax, and email.™ now brings electronic commerce solutions to these business partners allowing you to bring electronic commerce solutions to your entire distribution network so that every single member of your supply chain is recognized as a fully compliant electronic trading partner.

Contracted Service Providers

Many companies outsource building maintenance, facilities operations, and other services to local trade specialists in specific fields. They do this through service contracts with local companies to perform services such as HVAC work, electrical work, landscaping and mowing, and window washing. All too often these small service providers are unable to comply with the electronic commerce mandates from their corporate customers.™ offers a solution by providing an avenue for these small service providers to submit their invoices as electronic invoices that can go directly to your back office systems just like EDI documents from larger trading partners.

Retail Solutions

The Retail business environment is highly competitive, and in most market segments it operates on a very slim margin. For years, large businesses in this environment have used the latest technology solutions to streamline their replenishment cycle and gain a competitive edge by reducing the operational costs associated with it.™ can bring these same efficiency options to your business and enhance your competitive edge.

Small to medium size businesses now can receive the same benefits as larger competitors by using™ to improve cash flow, reduce inventory, and match sales demand with inventory availability. Ultimately this translates to higher profits and greater customer satisfaction. Connecting you and your trading partners electronically while having business transactions that move at electronic speeds will help integrate your back office processes and bring your growth goals within reach.

Health Care

From replenishment of medical supplies to claims submission,™ offers opportunities to streamline your operations. Putting the latest technology to work for your organization allows you to focus more effort on your core mission and less effort on support functions.

Integrating business support functions with your business partners using™ allows maximum flexibility and efficiency.™ supports HL7 as well as other EDI standards and XML. Regardless of your technology base or size of operation, we enable your organization to exchange vital business or patient information securely at the speed of business.