Trading Partner Communities

The business world is made up of trading partner communities—groups of companies that exchange business documents.™ supports multi-tiered trading partner communities as well as hub-and-spoke trading models. Community-based trading models allow trading partnerships between the hub and direct suppliers as well as between the suppliers themselves. It's this aspect of supplier to supplier trading that allows it be multi-tiered. By supporting true community based trading, all members of the community can enjoy the benefits and cost savings of electronic trading just like the hub or community sponsor does, just on a different scale.

Take a moment to search or browse the trading partner communities on™ before registering. The community you want to trade in must be an established community in™ in order for you to exchange documents with community members through it. If the community is not listed, send us an email with the contact information of their EDI coordinator, and we will gladly contact them about registering them as a community sponsor for you and others with whom they trade.

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